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Amanda Beeler — Director of Communications and Marketing at AIM Academy

Lia's work for AIM Academy has helped transform our Admissions and Camp marketing materials. She has a wonderful eye for design and was able to reflect our dynamic school community in her pieces. She was able to assess our needs with suggestions for collateral that are fresh yet timeless. Fast turnaround and a careful eye for detail. Her finished pieces have drawn praise from everyone from the printing company to parents.


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Lisa Winward — Design Director, Kelsh Wilson Design

I’ve had the privilege of working with Lia Calhoun for over 15 years. It is with sincere confidence that I recommend her.

Lia brings elegance and sophistication to all projects. She is extremely creative, delivering a fresh approach to everything she works on. Lia always is personable and engaged — with clients, vendors and co-workers. She enthusiastically pursues new and better solutions that make her design better. 

Her attention to detail serves as a strong foundation for her work. She understands the design process, from client deadlines to production quality, and is totally capable of handling every aspect of a job. Whether dealing with clients’ needs, schedules or budgets, she is always organized and professional which helps to create a seamless process. 

Lia has a special talent for making anything she does look beautiful!


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Michael Butler — Marketing Strategist and Writer

As someone who has worked with Lia Calhoun on varied projects over more than 20 years, I can attest enthusiastically to her exceptional talent and professionalism. In my role as a marketing strategist and writer, I have teamed with Lia on print marketing programs and websites, annual reports and ads. Our collaboration has extended from initial meetings with clients and creative concept building to delivery of finished work. At every stage, Lia’s contribution has been outstanding.

In my opinion, Lia offers three particularly valuable strengths as a designer:

•  Visual Creativity and Sophistication — Lia is capable of work in a broad range of styles — all of it beautiful. She creates pieces with impact, and she executes her ideas with relentless attention to detail.

•   Intelligence — Many designers can create stylish effects. Lia is one of the relatively few I have met who also thinks insightfully about the identity of the organization she’s working with and the strategic purpose of the project. This ability can make all the difference in a project’s ultimate success.

•  Professionalism — Lia is a designer who can communicate, collaborate, lead meetings with clients, and face with poise the twists and turns of complex, demanding projects. 

In addition to these professional strengths, I should point out that Lia is a remarkably warm, kind, and generous person — qualities that make her a pleasure to know and a wonderful part of any working group.

Over the course of my career, I have collaborated with many creative professionals and can say without hesitation that Lia stands out as one of the very finest. Any organization seeking to hire an exceptional, experienced graphic designer would do well to consider her.


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"Juicy Greatness" — Anonymous

Favorite description used in reference to one of my designs.